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Canadian Bioceutical teams up with Israeli-based Panaxia

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Leveraging its solidly profitable platform in Arizona, The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (BCC) intends to become one of the dominant players in the medical and adult use cannabis sector by driving organic growth and pursuing a roll-up strategy.



Through its wholly owned subsidiaries in the U.S., BCC provides management, staffing, procurement, advisory, financial, real estate rental, logistics and administrative services to two medicinal cannabis enterprises in Arizona. While the Company does not directly own, possess or sell cannabis or cannabis-infused products, it does provide substantial support and exerts considerable influence over these two businesses , which are legally authorized to sell medical cannabis and derivative products.

Under the Health for Life (‘H4L’) brand, the two licensed dispensaries operate in the Mesa area, which is part of the rapidly growing Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with a population of 4.6 million people. Additionally, the Company supports the Melting Point Extracts (‘MPX’) brand.

The award winning MPX products have facilitated rapid growth of the brand’s wholesale business, now supplying over 40% of dispensaries in Arizona. The H4L and MPX brands together account for approximately 5% of the Arizona market, estimated at around $240 million for 2016. The Company is able to provide substantial operational and financial support to its brands to gain further market share by:

  • Expanding production capacity to support growth of its dispensaries and grow MPX product availability
  • Supporting further market penetration of the MPX brand

Additionally, the fragmented market – the vast majority of Arizona operations, though profitable, are undercapitalized – creates an opportunity for H4L to pursue acquisitions. Local operators are incentivized to team up with a financially strong and well recognized brand, such as H4L, while the recent no vote against adult use has left valuations at attractive levels. Through its proven access to capital on the public markets, as well as the cash flow positive nature of its current operations, BCC is extremely well positioned to pursue an aggressive but controlled acquisition strategy.

The Company intends to follow a multi-state strategy and has already lined up a number of attractive opportunities both in Arizona and in other states.

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How can I invest in BCC
BCC is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) under ticker symbol BCC, as well as in the US on the OTC markets under ticker symbol CBICF.  To buy shares, you will need access to a broker or online brokerage/trading platform, of which there are many in both the US and Canada.
Can I buy shares from directly from the company
No, shares can only be purchased on the open market through a stockbroker or an online trading platform
What is BCC’s growth strategy?
Organic growth is targeted through expansion of production capacity in Arizona, relocation of one of its dispensaries to a better location and and further penetrating the wholesale market with its award winning products.

Innovation in cultivation is another focus area.  The Company has the exclusive rights to use Roto-Grow technology in Arizona and Nevada, a technology that achieves four times the yield of flower production per square foot, requires significantly less energy input and nutrient usage, consists of stackable units with a much lower space footprint that produce at a faster rate than conventional growing systems.  All this, management anticipates, will result in extremely low production costs around or below US$1.00 per gram.

BCC will shift its product offerings towards higher margin derivative products produced by MPX while continuing to distribute high quality flower through its dispensary and to also sell both types of product wholesale to other dispensaries in Arizona.

A fragmented US market offers opportunity to pursue transactional growth. BCC’s balance sheet strength, positive cash flow and proven access to capital position the company exceptionally well to execute a roll-up strategy. BCC looks to target acquisitions with accretive valuations, licensed operators with strong operational track records, no turnarounds, along with limited greenfield development and in markets with strong growth dynamics and internal consolidation opportunities.

Does BCC have any intention of operating in Canada?
BCC has applied for a production license with Health Canada.  For this purpose, the Company has initiated the development of a production facility in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.  As the Company is more strongly focused on opportunities in the US at present, BCC has not made the investments required to complete the facility, but may do so in the near term as the legal framework for legalization in Canada is worked out and opportunities can be gauged more accurately.  Additionally, the Company has certain neutraceutical assets, which it continues to develop.  Related to the size of the Company’s cannabis operations, these assets are as yet relatively immaterial, but have the potential to, in time, make a material contribution to the Company’s development.


The management team includes a group of highly skilled executives each of which brings valuable and specialized experience and skillsets to support the operation of the Canadian Bioceutical Group of companies.

Scott Boyes

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Scott is a seasoned senior executive with diversified and cross-functional experience, combining MBA credentials with a strong career background in revenue development and general management.

Randall Stafford


Randy has 3 decades of senior financial experience with companies such as Cushman & Wakefield, First Canadian Title, SmartCentres and newcourt Credit Group.  He holds a CPA and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management.

Beth Stavola

President CGX (U.S. operations)

Beth Stavola is the Founder and CEO of Stavola Medical Marijuana Holdings, Health for Life Inc, GreenMart of Nevada, and CBD For Life. The thriving cannabis businesses include processing, growing and dispensing throughout locations in both Arizona and Nevada. Prior to launching into the medical cannabis space, Beth was Senior Vice President of Institutional Equity Sales at Jefferies New York.

Mark Krytiuk

Vice President Grow Operations

Mr. Krytiuk is currently involved with two growing facilities that operate under MMAR in Ontario. One of the most preeminent attorneys serving the MMJ sector, currently representing over 300 growers licensed under the old regulations.

Michael Arnkvarn

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing

Michael Arnkvarn has an extensive management background in the operation of small to medium businesses since his graduation from McGill University in 1977 with a BSc in Agricultural Sciences.

Shay Shnet

VP of Operations & Admin

Shay Shnet has extensive experience with over 12 years directly involved with the importing, packaging and distribution of several product lines, including clothing, electronics, skin care and frozen foods.


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